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Hi there..my name is Yusmie..you can call me yus..I love 2 read book,playing computer games and doing some ex-treme sport,but,it depends on how much can I resist trough the sport.Ermm,what can I tell you anymore??well,I'am just a plain boy,with a daring minds!!!dont believe??try me...he..he..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

hidup baru!!

hari ini,sudah hampir seminggu aku berada di rumah..diam tak diam,aku sudah berumur 18 taun..well,life isn't that exited you know..its full of sadness and the stupidity of foolish act of human itself.I dont know why I said this,because I'am also a human..not to said,I'am good,but the sense to others also in me dont you think???well,my journey of life is still too far to go through,and I need to be consistent in my studies to have a good frip in my future..but,to fell in love now,is not possible I think..I tried once,and seems to went straight into DOOM!!well..what a life i had..so,enough is enough until I decide to find my dream girl..hu..hu..