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Hi there..my name is Yusmie..you can call me yus..I love 2 read book,playing computer games and doing some ex-treme sport,but,it depends on how much can I resist trough the sport.Ermm,what can I tell you anymore??well,I'am just a plain boy,with a daring minds!!!dont believe??try me...he..he..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friends forever ;)


Thank you for the, "yes," your smile always gave me
When we met.

Thank you for telling me it was the little things in life
Like my phone calls that kept you going.

Thank you for listening to my sorrows and then giving me
Encouragement when I needed it.

Thank you for seeing the pain behind my smile and giving me

Thank you for the admiration and respect you gave me.

Thank you for loving me for who I am, and not expecting
More or less from me.

Thank you for the many hours you gave me sitting in your
Garden. Time is Precious.

Thank you for your humor and how you kept me laughing.

Thank you for the grace and elegance you added to our
Every meeting.

Thank you for the high standards and integrity you demanded
From yourself and those around you.

Thank you for seeing the best in me and not letting me forget it.

Thank you for the stubborn independence and self reliance that kept you
Strong and led the way for me.

Thank you for your love of beauty, both the inward and the outward,
and how your sharp eye sharpened mine.

Thank you for believing in me and wanting me here, with you.

Thank you for loving me and telling me so.

Thank you for choosing me as friend, siblings , family.

----->in memories of 5 science(2008) a.k.a -Dä DôC'z Cr3w-

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